4th Grade
Mrs. Jamieson
Mrs. Lewis
Mrs. Dalley-Gray
Mrs. Mercadel
Mrs. Matherne
Mrs. Wood
Mrs. Pitts
Mrs. Grieshaber
Mrs. Heap
Mrs. Fourmeaux
Mrs. Randazzo
Mrs. Lindsey
5th Grade
Mrs. Viola
Mrs. Becknell
Mrs. Oster
Mrs. Monjure
Mrs. Allen
Mrs. Dekaris
Mrs. Lawley
Mrs. Beasley
Mrs. Emmerick
Mrs. Bellas
Mrs. Denniss
6th Grade
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Coulon
Mrs. Haeuser
Mr. Pine
Mrs. Reeves
Mrs. Sollberger
Mrs. Trinco
Mr. White
Mrs. White
Mr. Denenea
Cafeteria News:*Breakfast* - 5/13 Pancake on a Stick, 5/14 Nawlins Style Beignets, 5/15 Sausage Biscuit, 5/16 Grits with Toast, & 5/17 Cinnamon Roll *Lunch* - 5/13 Chicken Tenders, 5/14 Beef Tacos, 5/15 Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, 5/16 Roasted Chicken, & 5/17 Hot Dog w/ ChilliAll Award Programs are at 2:30 PM. May 14- 4th Grade, May 15- 5th Grade & May 16- 6th grade. The 21st CCLC Summer Camp will take place June 4 - June 27, Monday - Thursday 8:30 - 4 Library News: All books need to be returned to the library