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Dress Code


  • Navy blue polo style shirt, short, or long sleeve, with or without school logo
  • Navy blue PTA school uniform T-shirt, short or long sleeve with the school logo
  • Solid and plain colored navy blue, gray, or black sweatshirt, with or without the school logo, with or without a hood
  • Skin should not be showing between the bottoms and the shirt while in any sitting or standing position
  • School spirit shirts or club shirts can be worn on Fridays and club meeting days with tan khaki uniform bottoms
  • Undershirts that show at the neck should be white, black, or navy blue and should not be visible at the waist


  • Solid, plain tan khaki bottoms without designs
  • Solid, tan khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts or tan khaki or navy blue jumpers
  • Must be secured at the waist, with no undergarments revealed
  • Must be at the fingertip or below length when arms are down at the side
  • Garments should not be tight fitting (yoga/stretch/legging/jeggings/sweats type of material)
  • Leggings worn under skirts or shorts are solid black, gray, navy, or white with no designs or patterns, and only during inclement weather
  • Socks are solid black, gray, navy, or white; socks with designs will not be allowed


  • PVMS does not designate any specific guidelines for outerwear during inclement weather
  • Hoods and hoodies are not to be worn in the classrooms, except outdoors during inclement weather; unless it is a solid and plain colored navy blue or black (see SHIRTS)
  • Blankets or other blanket wraps are not considered an outerwear and are not school appropriate


  • Tennis shoes are preferred, but mandatory during PE classes
  • Beach sandals, athletic slides, or “flip flop” type sandals are not school appropriate shoes and must not be worn for safety reasons
  • All shoes must have a heel strap to prevent the foot from sliding out
  • Hats, baseball caps, bandanas, or other head coverings must be removed upon entering school grounds during school hours or during school functions
  • Sculptured hair styles that include pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, or hair in curlers, rollers, etc., will not be permitted
  • Any article of clothing with suggestive symbols, words, or advertisements of products or substances prohibited by the St. Tammany Parish School Board is prohibited
  • Minimum length of dresses, culottes, skirts, and shorts must be at the fingertip or below when standing erect with arms extended down the sides or not more than 5" above the knee
  • Styles of dress and grooming never should be such that they represent a collective or individual protest